Monday, July 28, 2008

Bullying in Schools and Shooting in TN: A Connection

When I was watching the NC Legislature become a coward in the face of bullies of so-called "social conservatives" and certain evangelical pastors, knowing that we were one vote short of getting something done in re: to an anti-bullying bill, I fumed the next week when Newsweek came out with the article on Lawrence King, a 15 year old, gay, young man in California, who was shot as a culmination of being bullied. And we, the citizens of N.C. let an anti-bullying bill die because it names those who are most likely to be bullied?

This is followed up by today's tragic news of the death of two people in a Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville, TN. A man came in with a guitar case during a performance of "Annie" when he took a gun out of the guitar case, killing two people. Why? People are pointing to the fact that this church had recently made news in welcoming LGBTQ people, and was a place for kids who were also LGBTQ could hang out as a safe-zone area. In other words, this was a hate-crime.

So if we allow bullies to be bullies today without rehabilitation when they are young, can they become killers tomorrow?

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It is time to change.

Peace, B

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