Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Step At a Time

In an article on, there is moving essay by Deb Price about Meg Sneed, a 25 year old lesbian with cancer who lives in Arizona. She went with Soulforce last year, a bus-tour of young LGBTQ youth visiting evangelical college campuses, based upon the non-violent movement for change practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. She came to understand the power of sharing personal stories while working with Soulforce, as this group of young people who are LGBT visited evangelical colleges to enter into dialogue with those who are anti-LGBTQ. Some times the reception of the bus was, um, less than Christian, shall we say.

Meg has cancer, and she walked 60 miles against cancer last year. Now she is walking 96 miles in Arizona to commemorate the 96 years that Arizonan LGBTQ people have not had legal rights. She is walking against the anti-gay marriage amendment that is up for a vote this fall.
She understand the power of pilgrimage.

Walking matters!

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Sharing our stories matters!



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