Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Healthy Families!

I'm all for healthy families. As I wend through all the dysfunctional parts of my upbringing, which is made ever-so-clear in raising our children, trying to change destructive behaviors and habits by intervening and changing my actions with some fore-thought, I'm amazed at how much "healthier" our family seems to be in terms of communicating and loving one another.

I was delighted to read this article on, in which LGBTQ families are seemingly healthier than many (heterosexuals) once thought, um, possible. Even with John McCain believing (mistakenly) that he and Cindy are the "right kind" of people to adopt children (see last Sunday's NY Times, though he is now flip flopping on that comment), evidence suggests that we who are LGBTQ do a fine job of raising children.

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What was troubling was the future of North Carolina House Bill 1366 (HB1366), an anti-bullying bill, in which young people who are LGBT are cited specifically, along with a long list of others who are bullied, e.g., children with disabilities, etc. Social conservatives (a term that needs to be unpacked) called and emailed their legislators, and Republicans are now holding the bill up because of the listing of "gay teens." This is more than "kids will be kids." Children who are LGBTQ, along with my children are bullied because of someone in their family being LGBTQ. Click here for more. What healthy family promotes bullying of anyone else?

BTW: Parker comes back from OR tomorrow after spending three days with my mom, and two weeks prior to that with extended family while Adrianne has already returned. We all like being family with one another...a lot.

Pace, B

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