Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Change in the American Air?

During lunch I was listening and watching MSNBC-Live, and John Harwood of CNBC and of the New York Times was being interviewed by one of the women who hosted the news this afternoon. He was asked something along the lines about whether or not the "gay issue" was going to be a wedge issue in the 2008 presidential race as it was in 2004. "No, not at all...that's what makes this year hard to predict or forecast, based upon what happened in 2004."

What he was referring to was how the "gay marriage" issue was used by Rove/Bush to be a wedge issue, bringing out so-called "social conservatives" who voted for anti-gay marriage amendments to their state constitutions.

We're not going to be a wedge issue like we were in 2004, huh? From the sounds of things in this country, we are not as much a wedge issue. Even CA may vote to sustain the verdict of the CA Supreme Court and allow gay marriages to continue anon. MA is voting to overturn at 1913 law regarding who can marry in that state in regards to people marrying in MA from outside the state...good for the local economy and all.

Is there a change in the air, in the heart, in the minds, in the attitudes of Americans toward those of us who are LGBTQ?




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