Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Violence Against LGBTQ: Continued

I'm a reluctant pacifist.

I studied with a so-called pacifist theologian when I worked at a certain seminary, and he would gladly tell me how he became a pacifist: "I called myself a pacifist enough to other people that I came to believe it myself."

I'm in the need of saying to myself "I'm a pacifist," because of the violence toward LGBTQ people in recent blog, cable, and major media sources.

For example:

* The Bishop Gene Robinson wears a bullet proof vest and has a personal body guard;

* During Europride in Stockholm, LGBTQ people are being attacked;

* A trans woman was killed recently in CO;

* Police raid a "gay party" in Saudi Arabia;

* The killing of liberal, progressive Christians in Knoxville, TN;

* Ugandan gay activist is arrested in Uganda;

And the list continues.

It is time to stand up against the violence with the greatest enemy: peace.

It is time to change.



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