Friday, July 18, 2008

Anit-Bullying Bill HB1366 (NC) Dies: A Quiet, Disturbing Death

Buried in the back pages of the revised "Triangle and Co." Section B of the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper this morning was the news of the Anti-Bullying Bill, HB1366. It died! Gone for the rest of this legislative session. After being on page one, above the fold, front and first section on Wed., it died...and the news was buried in the pages of the paper.

And who killed it? Bullies! The so-called "social conservatives" and "religious right" in the State called and canvased legislators and killed it. Why? Because it listed gay teens are targets of being bullied. Simple as that.

Bullies killed an anti-bullying bill.

Absolutely amazing.

Politics matters, and sitting on the side-lines doesn't help.

It is time to change!

Peace, Brett

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