Monday, July 21, 2008

Self-Inflicted Wound

I was struck today by something that Archbishop Rowan Williams said today:Williams called the absence (of a large number of bishops) a "wound" and asked participants to pray for them. He barred Robinson and a few other problematic bishops from the conference."

As a Presbyterian in relationship with a Methodist, we are aware that the "wound" that was being suffered by the Anglican communion was not only the absence of some bishops, but the wound that Archbishop Williams himself inflicted upon the Church in denying Bishop Gene Robinson an invitation to partake in the Lambeth Conference. This is a self-inflicted wound!

And how many other churches in denominations and those outside of a denomination also inflict wounds in the body of Christ by ignoring the place and presence of people who don't fit or look or act or think or "have sex" like the others.

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God, forgive us your people for bringing self-inflicted wounds upon the body of Christ!



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