Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Sex Before Marriage: Tring to Be A Neo-Orthodox Theologian in a Post-Modern Age!

This is what Archbishop Williams said:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has continued his quest for Anglican unity with a strong statement against living in sin and gay sex.

Dr Williams said: "I do not believe that sex outside marriage is as God purposes it."

And he said he remained "committed" to the Church's official stance against gay sex, which aims to preserve Biblical norms.

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On the one hand, there is a way that we could respond to his statement: letting LGBTQ folks be married not only in the public square, e.g., CA and MA, or with civil unions and domestic partnerships, but also in the context of the Church! Marriage before sex? What he is promoting the idea that sex is the ultimate act of intimacy for gays and straights that we should hold off from having sex until we marry in word, and thus in deed. What Archbishop Williams is doing is simply promoting the traditional understanding of marriage, appealing not only to the conservative parts of the Anglican communion, but espousing a tradition, a ritual, that is, well "as old as the Church.

On the other hand, without the "right to marry," is Archbishop Williams saying that we, who are LGBTQ, should not have sex? And this is not appealing to mere traditionalists, but to people who are homophobic...which is a wing of the Anglican communion who are not at the Lambeth gathering.

So what does Archbishop Williams want Anglican Christians to do? Is he trying to have it both ways, appealing to the more liberal American Church and the more conservative African and South American Church at the same time? I do think this is what he is trying to do: appeal to the middle of the Anglican communion.




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