Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Have you ever performed a same sex union, blessing or wedding?"

The answer is "nope!"

The reason? Probably because I've never been asked.

I am working with a sweet couple on their upcoming wedding ceremony (heterosexual couple), and the bride-to-be asked, "How many weddings have you done?" I responded shyly: "Over one hundred." I lost count after one hundred. I used to do them at the drop of a hat in order to get used to doing them. I was never taught in seminary how to do one...nor was I taught how to do a funeral, a baptism, a foot washing, a confirmation class...go figure! So I started to do them because I needed the experience.

My partner has recently been asked to do a same-sex union of friends. He's not a minister, though he trained to be a United Methodist clergy but gave it up because he chose not to live a lie...or lie for Jesus as he was instructed to do by one closet lesbian who is a United Methodist clergyperson who used to teach at the seminary where I taught.

Would I perform a union, a blessing, a marriage of a same sex couple?

Ask me! I'll be only too glad to let you know!

Pace! B

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