Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Washington State: All BUT "I Do"

Here is what is interesting: most of the fermentation of our being wedded or in civil union is taking place in the cluster of States on the West coast and the northeast/New England area. Washington State (WA) is such a case, where there is a legislative motion of letting couples sign up for everything that all married couples get in the state in re: to taxes, benefits, etc., BUT the name of "marriage." This goes back to the debate that IF we don't go for the name "Marriage" society around us will let us, "unionize," for the lack of a better term. "Domestic partnership" is such an oxymoron: what union of any kind is always domestic. Some times we simply have to be human and we will simply not be domesticated, whether we are gay or straight couples and families.

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So let's start from the outside and go inward to the Midwest.

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