Monday, January 26, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

Another movie was added to a growing list of resources that help young people who are LGBTQ understand that the questions that they may have about being gay are not to be considered in a vacuum.  "Prayers for Bobby" reminds us of what so many middle-class families in America have gone through, and continue to go through. This was produced by Lifetime, was shown on Sat. night, and will be out on DVD in no time flat. It follows the life and times of Bobby, a young boy whose parents--not knowing better--batter him not with welcoming love per se, but love that is done through condemning him for being who God created him to be: gay.  At times it was painful to watch, and I winced often with Scripture verses being taken out of context, read literally without an appreciation for the context in which those words were first uttered and/or written.  Such fundamentalism can be so destructive.

 While there was a little bit of "Hallmark" pictures predictable heart-tugging, tear-creating scenes, I see it as another important resource in helping people understand what has and is going on in America.



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