Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ted Haggard...Again!

If God made you gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, or queer-expressing, then that's simply how God made you.


One of the obvious failures of any reparative therapy project is that it is built and developed on a lie: that you can change how God made you. A straight person cannot be turned and re-made into a gay person. A gay person cannot be turned and re-made into a straight person. It just simply isn't how God created us to be: chameleons may change due to their environment, but such is not the case for straights and gays.

Proof of this? Ted Haggard.

Apparently Ted Haggard has also been living a lie. Ted has had more than one, um, relationship with another man.

This would be the Rev. Ted Haggard.

The evangelical Ted Haggard who ran a large mega-church of 10,000 members and was spiritual guru to FORMER President George W. Bush.

The one who is addicted to drugs.

That one.

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It is time to stop shaming people because they are simply LGBTQ and let us all celebrate who God made us to be.



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