Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Mexico: The Next Frontier for Domestic Partnership (But Don't Call It Marriage)

According to and the New Mexico Independent newspaper, NM is pursuing legislating domestic partnership (click here for more). As is true with other States, and now with religious/faith communities, the issue that is the trigger button against domestic partnership or civil unions is when we call it a "marriage."

Here is what is intriguing about this wedge issue, e.g., marriage vs. domestic partnership. Those who talk about marriage and its timelessness are factually and historically wrong in their hopes and dreams that marriage is forever. The definition of "marriage" is context dependent. By that, I mean that marriage changes in each cultural context and time. The concept of what we call "marriage" has changed, is changing, and will forever change depending upon the people who call it "marriage." There is nothing objective and outside of cultural constructs that makes marriage the same thing throughout time.

If this culture--American middle class culture--wants to now include people who are LBTGQ as part of the body of people who want to marry, well, so be it. Voila! You may now kiss one another.



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