Friday, January 23, 2009

Sad Sam

I am deeply troubled by the current problems of the mayor of Portland, Sam Adams.  Like many other Republican and Democratic office holders, he too has crossed a boundary of telling the truth the first time.  As we've learned with Nixon, Clinton, and other notables, the cover-up and the lie are worse than telling the truth.

Sam apparently had a relationship with an 18 year old, Beau Breedlove.  Unfortunately, he lied about the nature of the relationship the first time through with the press prior to his run for office of Mayor. Now he told the truth.  And now he must pay for the consequences.

The problem?  He told a lie.  He tried to cover it up.  Straight and gay people are held to the same standard if the issue is telling the truth as an elected official.

Tell the truth.

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