Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's the Little Things That Count

In the family blogs around the Triangle area (RDU), and in today's News and Observer, there was a small story that points out the kind of discrimination that LGBTQ couples face daily in this "liberal bastion" of the South (it is in quotes because we aren't that liberal after all). Turns out that a couple of women, who are in a committed relationship and happen to be lesbian, faced discrimination twice at a consignment shop of children's clothes in Raleigh, NC. In this consignment shop, if a volunteer is married, the spouse can come along with the volunteer. Because this couple is not married the one partner who was not the volunteer was not able to come into the consignment shop. They were also harassed when leaving, being told they were only allowed in this one time.

Are you serious?

Not only is it disturbing re: lesbian couples (and the same for gay, bisexual, or trans no less), but what if someone is a single parent and a friend wanted to come along? They would be turned down too?

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We who are LGBTQ couples raising kids are discriminated daily in the RDU area.

It is time to change.



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