Sunday, January 11, 2009

Persistence Works: Obama Must Address Warren

In today's column in the News and Observer, Peder Zane writes about Warren's presence in the inauguration. Peder Zane understands that most Americans are still against gay marriage (2/3s according to the latest Newsweek poll), as is Warren. Zane then writes this: "If Warren is an anti-gay bigot, then so are most Americans. Unfortunately, that's the case."

Zane rightly understands that we who are LGBTQ people live with discrimination daily. He also believes that Obama has an opportunity to address such discrimination and bigotry.

He ends the article with this affirmation:

Being discriminated against, however, is like being pregnant: Either you are or you aren't. Can we expect people to quietly accept legalized inequality? Would you?

Officially, Obama says he supports civil unions but does not support gay marriage. Considering his other progressive policies, I find it hard to believe that position is anything other than a political expedient.

Given the nation's myriad problems, tackling the divisive issue of same-sex marriage immediately would be counterproductive. If Obama wants to deliver on his message of change and hope, he must eventually find a way to summon our better angels so that we can overcome this prejudice. History will little note his invitation to Warren, but it will long remember how he handles this moral issue.

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