Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop in the Name of (Equal) Love!

To borrow the old Temptations' song seemed a good way to begin this blog.

There is a UCC (United Church of Christ) congregation in Ashland, OR who are doing what they do at First UCC Church of Asheville, NC: they are not marrying anyone--straight or gay--until everyone who wants to be wed can be married. This is all under the banner of "equal rights for all."

Power to them.

OR is close to okaying civil unions for LGBQT couples. NJ is close to marriage for LGBTQ couples, with other state in the New England area looking seriously at this possibility. Imagine the entire corner of one part of this country being pro-LGBTQ marriage, followed by the entire West Coast. Soon, well, you know, domino affect coming in from both sides of the country.

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manxxman said...

Can you imagin the domino effect when it hits Oklahoma......there will be an implosion of mamoth proportions.

Carrboroguy said...

I'm laughing out loud. There is a certain elected official in OK who will not be having a good day on that day of days!

I see equal marriage rights as inevitably our future.