Saturday, November 1, 2008

Psychological Tests and Candidates For Ordination: Not the Answer

There was this news last week that the Catholic church will use psychological tests to weed out closeted gay priests. Click here from


What person who really wants to be ordained won't say ANYTHING in order to pass through a psychological test? Those who administer tests are psychologists who are more into the psychometric aspect of administering the test correctly--which usually involves answering a set of questions in a survey-format--rather than anything radical like sitting with a person and truly getting to know the other person. The person giving the test and the one taking the test know that this is a game of hide-and-go-seek.


So much for us living transparent lives!




manxxman said...

What they need to be looking out for is the pedofiles......which isn't the same thing as looking out for gays........the Catholic church can get so wrong sometimes.....they want their priests to be celebit and also straight. Oh yes, and when they do get to become Cardinals they want them two wear furs and dresses....that's just strange.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...


manxxman said...

Doesn't the devil wear Prada?