Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blogs and Blog Etiquette


Good morning!

I'm a bit loopy this morning with the news of President-Elect Obama. It hasn't all soaked in yet. My state--NC--looks like it finally voted for the new President! I'm watching the results on Prop. 8 in CA as I write this, and the word is still out as to what happened to it (11:43 A.M. as I write this).

I've been made aware that there are more people than I knew who are reading this blog that I started after the publication of ON BEING A GAY PARENT. This blog site is all about gay parenting issues, and things pertaining to gay parenting. There are some things that are discussed on this blog that may be a startling revelation to some, but are quite ordinary to others and draw a large yawn. But the focus is on all those aspects of life--politics, religion, cultural icons, international news, television shows, movies, DVDs, cds, plays, theological issues, biblical issues, common day occurrences, etc.,--that impact, have an influence, effect, affect, and draw my attention as a dad of two amazing kids...and I happen to be created by the Almighty Creator as gay.

Now, for those who are reading my blog and not commenting on this blogsite about what is written but spreading word and making photo copies about my blog without chatting with me, I've included a list of blog etiquette, thanks to Deborah Ng (click here).

Here is her list:
  1. Unless you have permission, it’s never OK to post someone else’s words on your own blog. You’re certainly welcome to provide a quote with attribution but to reprint the entire post is not good blog etiquette at all. In fact, it can get your blog shut down and your hosting taken away.
  2. When you comment on someone else’s blog, there’s usually a line under the name and email for a link to your blog or website and that should suffice. There’s no reason to link your blog again in the comments. We know where to find you if we need you. If you have a link you feel is relevant to the topic, contact the blogger, she will probably bring it to the attention of her readers. Please don’t spam.
  3. It’s ok to disagree with bloggers or those who drop comments, but do be respectful. Calling names, using vulgarity and telling me to get back in the kitchen to make a sandwich only show off your ignorance. If you can’t offer a decent rebuttal, keep your thoughts to yourself.
  4. Respond to commenters. Your readers took the time to offer their thoughts, keep them coming back by reciprocating.
  5. Don’t forget, everything you write is on display for the world to see. If you don’t want to the world knowing something, don’t post it. Many employers now Google potential employees. If you’re showing off your lingerie or ranting about your previous boss, these won’t bode well in your favor.
Here's another list from The Original Mud Puppy:

Blog Etiquette

This post is about 3 years overdue. It’s not that I’ve finally figured it all out, or even that I get all these right myself, but rather it’s just time to begin to put my thoughts down on a post and see where it goes. There really is a serious lack of good Blog Etiquette posting on the blogosphere. I’ve seen a few that I really like, and I’ll link to them at the bottom of this post. I’ll just cover the big hitters and let you finish the rest in the comments, as well as encourage you to check out the other links provided.

Rule #1 - Don’t blog about something that will get you fired, or cause you to lose a relationship. Unless, of course, you’re fine with losing said job or relationship.

Rule #2 - Link Love. Link to those you read, as well as provide relevant links in your posting so people don’t have to look stuff up on their own.

Rule #3 - Comments. If you read someone’s blog and enjoy it, it’s good form to let them know. But don’t let the comments validate your blog. Simply allow them to enhance it. Anonymous comments suck. Don’t leave them. Also, don’t be frightened by dissent or bad behavior in your comments either. The dissent is actually doing you a favor, and if someone is acting improper, simply give them a warning and then ban them the next time. I could really type so much more on this topic, but I’ll hold back for now.

Rule #4 - Be Regular. Nobody likes to visit a site only to see the same post from last month sitting there. Eventually they’ll just stop coming.

Rule #5 - Don’t be long winded. At least too often. There are times when it’s alright to expound a bit. But let that be the exception, not the rule.

Rule #6 - Do all that’s in your power to have proper punctuation, spelling, paragraph returns, etc. Run on sentences and thoughts are so annoying for your reader.

Rule #7 - Mix it up. Don’t get typecast. Make your readers have no earthly idea what you are going to post next. Make this a place for visual, emotional, and intellectual stimulation. Use pictures, videos, articles, links—but use them well.

Rule #8 - Be controversial, but be real. Ruffle some feathers. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be wrong. But don’t put on a facade.

Rule #9 - Do it for yourself. I covered this slightly with the comments and validation, but don’t be driven by the stats or comments. Put stuff out there that is important to you and let the chips fall where they may.

Rule #10 - Rules are made to be broken. So break some. Make it yours and be happy with it.

People become very courageous behind their computer screens. Really, it doesn’t take a whole lot to be considerate. A good rule of thumb is to treat other people’s blogs like you would treat your own. Be nice, be respectful and be considerate.

I look forward to the conversations! Please hit the "comment" icon, and let's chat!

Ta for now!



missy1920 said...

I do not understand your concern since YOU are posting on the "world wide web"! Once YOU post, it is fair game to be "passed around".

Carrboroguy said...

Thanks for writing! Just hope to have a conversation!