Wednesday, November 19, 2008

eHarmony: Acting More, um, Christian!

A few years ago I heard the founder of eHarmony on "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross, and was greatly disturbed when I heard Dr. Neil Clark Warren defend having all the world religions accepted as part of a person's profile on eHarmony matching/dating service--including Wiccan--but not LGBTQ people. Dr. Warren is a graduate of Princeton Seminary--as am I--and is or was a Presbyterian clergyperson--me too--and thus, out of his theological convictions did not see it as necessary to include LGBTQ. But Wiccans...that was o.k.?!

Where is the inclusivity of the body of Christ in his witness to the Gospel?

The state of New Jersey begged to differ, and in legal wranglings, eHarmony will now accept LGBTQ in matching up people. Click here for more.



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