Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sex From the Pulpit: A New York Time's Article with Class

One of the members of the Presbyterian Church where I am currently interim pastor sent me this article from the Pastor's Advice for Better Marriage: More Sex!

Pastor Young was arguing or proposing to his 20,000 member congregation that one of the ways to strengthen marriage is with more sex, challenging the congregation to have sex every day for a week, or to quote Pastor Young, it was "time to put God back into sex."

My favorite line was from the Pastor who said this upon the second or third day of the challenge of having sex every day:

"It is not always easy to devote time for your spouse, Pastor Young admitted. Just three days into the sex challenge he said he was so tired after getting up before dawn to talk about the importance of having more sex in marriage that he crashed on the bed around 8 p.m. on Tuesday night.Mrs. Young tried to shake him awake, telling her husband, “Come on, it’s the sex challenge.” But Mr. Young murmured, “Let’s just double up tomorrow,” and went back to sleep."



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