Friday, November 21, 2008

Letters to the Editor in the NYT Re: Gays and Mormons

I was struck by this quote from Rachel Kueny's Letter to the Editor in the in regards to gay marriage and the fall out from the win of Prop. 8 in CA:

How is it that one group of people can feel comfortable stripping another group of people of their basic rights? How is it that religion so often revolves around not wanting for others what one has for oneself?

Sarah (her wife) and I are citizens who spend our lives helping people, teaching people and trying to raise our son as a loving human being. We simply ask for the respect of our fellow citizens, and equal rights under the law.

Or this comment by Lisa:

I dream of a day when churches preach love and tolerance, and then match their actions to their words.

I dream of a day when only the marriage of church and state is banned.

Lisa Malkiewicz

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Pace, B

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