Friday, November 14, 2008

Separation of Church and State

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm fairly hot on the subject of separation of church and state. I do not want the state meddling in affairs of faith of the Church, and I do not want the Church meddling in affairs of the state. I do not believe in classroom prayer that is chanted by all students in public schools (of course, there is prayer every time a test is taken by believers and non-believers). I do not want the state telling the church there has to be an American flag in sanctuaries.

Same with issues of LGBTQ people and the state versus the church: while the state should provide all the benefits to LGBTQ people that it gives to straight people, the state cannot tell the church, mosque, or synagogue what to do with LGBTQ people.

I found this news item from the AP pool pathetic: a priest in SC is not providing Holy communion for those who voted for Pres.-elect Obama. The church is a hospital for sin-sick souls. Apparently, this priest--like this pastor--are at the top of the heap of needing the amazing grace elixir of love.

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common sense is alive said...

This just happens to be a democratic nation---we win....AND virtue of voter referendum.

The will of the people has spoken. The protests (if there should be any) should be in front of all the african-american baptist churches--where the vote was lost.

Let's face the facts, no more sugar coating.

Pace (what does that mean?)

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...


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