Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Protect Marriage, Protect Our Children, Prohibit Divorce

This is great: "Protect Marriage, Protect Our Children, Prohibit Divorce," is fabulous! A proposition making it impossible for heterosexual couples from being able to divorce in CA! This is something we can bring to NC: prohibit all heterosexuals from being able to divorce! Amend the state constitutions! Outlaw all divorces.





manxxman said...

We could use this as a test to run for office as well......oh wait John McPalin wouldn't be eligible,
damn......who would all of the
religious wingnut have been able to vote for.....I guess there was alway Nader (he's not divorced is he?)

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Can't find the name of Nader's wife. I don't think he's married.

Let us remember that Bill and Hill are still married...but few of the recent candidates for President were divorced: Giuliani being the leader of the pack.