Sunday, November 9, 2008

Frank Rich on Prop. 8.

10,000 people held a candle light vigil near an important gay bar--the Stonewall of L.A.--with thousands of others gathering together holding candle-light vigils because of Prop. 8's success. Protests have been erupting on the streets. Californians are not at peace with one another. In light of Obama's success, 70% of African Americans voted for Prop. 8: they voted for open discrimination, taking away a civil right of a certain segment of people.

Frank Rich of the writes this about the recent election:

But Palin’s appeal wasn’t overestimated only because of her kitschy “American Idol” star quality. Her fierce embrace of the old Karl Rove wedge politics, the divisive pitting of the “real America” against the secular “other” America, was also regarded as a sure-fire winner. The second most persistent assumption by both pundits and the McCain campaign this year — after the likely triumph of racism — was that the culture war battlegrounds from 2000 and 2004 would remain intact.

This is true in exactly one instance: gay civil rights. Though Rove’s promised “permanent Republican majority” lies in humiliating ruins, his and Bush’s one secure legacy will be their demagogic exploitation of homophobia. The success of the four state initiatives banning either same-sex marriage or same-sex adoptions was the sole retro trend on Tuesday. And Obama, who largely soft-pedaled the issue this year, was little help. In California, where other races split more or less evenly on a same-sex marriage ban, some 70 percent of black voters contributed to its narrow victory.

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It is time to change.

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