Friday, October 31, 2008

A Big Mormon and Gay Wedding!

This is a wonderful story from about the wedding of Brian Dietrich and Jay Redd, pictured in matching kilts and tartan, black coats, and matching red beards.

Jay was brought up to be a good Mormon. And Jay also knew he was and is and will be forevermore gay. His mom agreed to come to the wedding, but the father was a harder nut to crack. Read the story below of how his dad, George, made the decision to attend the wedding:

After much contemplation about what to do about his son Jay's marriage, George realized that "the most important thing is to love and support our son in the decision he's made." He and the family would drive from Utah to San Francisco for Jay and Brian's wedding.

Jay recalls hearing the phone ring at 4 o'clock one morning. When he listened to the message later, it was his father. "I've been praying about this. I love you. You're my son. I want you to be happy, and if this marriage to Brian makes you happy, then I'm happy."

Jay sobbed.

Later, he asked his mother what she had said to him to influence his decision. "I didn't say much," she said. "I only asked him one question -- what do you think Jesus would do in this situation?"

What would Jesus do in this situation? Make water into wine!



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manxxman said...

That was a lovely post......I so very proud of Jay's father for loving his son.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I liked this story as well. I've sent it to many others since I read it.