Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mamas and Papas...and the Kids in CA

AP report in Raleigh's News and Observer: "An estimated 52,000 children are being raised by two mothers or two fathers in California, which is one of 12 states with comprehensive anti-bullying laws that apply to gay students and children with unconventional families" (Oct. 23, 2008).

52,000 kids in CA alone! And those would be the ones who reported that they are two moms or two dads with kids. This is the tip of the iceberg, me thinks! Knowing that a lot of folks don't divulge their status, there is probably another 52,000 more with kids in CA who didn't report "I'm gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender." Then what about all those other states in the Union?

Reality check: there are more kids growing up with single LGBT parents, or parents in LGBTQ relationships that are--for all sakes and purposes married--as well as other arrangements, e.g., a bisexual mom or dad living with a opposite sex partner.

In other words: we're here, we're queer...let's get in our mini-vans and wake up America!

Pace, B

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