Sunday, October 19, 2008

No On Proposition 8

That's the email address that we can use to send money for donating money, time, and talent. Even on the cusp of Stewardship Month, in the US, money is power, as is knowledge. I heard Armistead Maupin on Wed. night at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC. A native born Carolinian who is living in CA, married to his partner (who runs and operates, Armistead made a pitch for "no on prop. 8." Steve Petrow, another writer, has cited a statistic from the Sacramento Bee, in which one man donated $35,000 who is pro-prop. 8. And the Mormon Church has donated a huge sum for prop. 8.

If this effort to stop prop. 8 in CA fails, other state legislatures will see this as the will of the people not to advance LGBT marriage in their states.

Time to donate!

Pace, B

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