Monday, October 13, 2008

Fr. Geoffrey Farrow: Hero

Fr. Geoffrey Farrow: you are my hero for the day. Having come out to my Presbytery of New Hope, first the Exec. Presbyter and then the Committee on Ministry followed by the Church, I can relate to being gay and being part of an institution in which being "gay" is seen as a "sin," when it is the system itself that is "sinful." No separating "sin and sinner": the system is sinful.

Fr. Farrow came out in support of the "No" votes against Prop. 8, in which same-sex marriage in CA will be overturned. He also "came out," near Oct. 11th, National Coming Out Day. That he told his congregants that he did not support Prop. 8 during Mass seems appropriate. I would've enjoyed such an experience in preaching a sermon doing the very same thing. It is one of the high points of Catholic Mass (the other being the Eucharist).

Fr. Farrow: I salute you.

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Pace, B

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