Friday, October 24, 2008

Banksy Art

When I was in Israel, especially in the West Bank area of Bethlehem, I had a chance to see a lot of work by the muralist Banksy. I am smitten by Banksy eruptive, disturbing, eye-catching, provocative, evocative art.

On this Friday, amid all the clamor around No Against Prop. 8 in CA, barring gay marriages in FL, and all the other harmful bills, amendments, etc. that people wish would slow down the inevitable march toward full inclusion of LGBTQ people, I leave you this Friday with art by Banksy (see above).



p.s., in the end, love wins all.


Pete said...


I am selling various prints by:

Banksy (DiFaced tenner and others)
James Cauty
Sick Boy
Faile and others.

If you are interested, Email me at

Thanks a lot!

Carrboroguy said...

Thanks for the email address!

Anonymous said...

That's in Brighton :)