Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ellen Against Prop. 8

I have seen this youtube clip on several websites and thought I'd join in the fun, though has even better and more comedic ones, with Margaret Cho and Molly Ringwald speaking out against the measure in California.

It feels rather weird and absurd to have all these states outlaw--in their constitutions--the right for LGBT people to marry. What makes it more absurd is knowing that so far, even with the right to marry among LGBT people there has been no unraveling of anyone else's heterosexual marriage. There has been no cause-and-effect showing any impact on any one's life, save for the family and friends of those who are being wedded; no statistic showing that gay marriage has hurt the population or caused further global warming; no children seem to be marred or harmed in the process of gays being wed.

What a farce this supposed "hysteria" is by those who ally themselves being "pro" Proposition 8 in California are playing. And the Mormon Church is spending a huge amount for the passage of this Proposition. I have a DVD for them to watch about a young blond boy, Mormon, in the closet, who asks the elders directly: "What about all those years of polygamy?" Someone should ask U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, who is Mormon, who voted for the DOMA even though his family members practiced polygamy.

Here's the clip.

Enjoy. Pace, B


manxxman said...

It's scary to me that my entire life is out of my control. When my partners last partner passed away 4 years ago of cancer he inherited an estate worth $800,000.
The government took $400,000 right off the top......because they were not legally married, although they had been together 10 years.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

The injustice--or shall we call it evil--is embedded in such laws.