Sunday, March 15, 2009

WE TV "Surprise Wedding"? Are you kidding me?

On WE T.V., there is a show that blew me away: "Surprise Wedding." Women, dressed in wedding gowns, propose to their boyfriends. The boyfriends then are put in a room and can call people to find out if they should or shouldn't get married. At the conclusion of the show, the girlfriend is in a wedding dress, flowers in hand, and the boyfriend, in tux, either asks for the girl's hand in marriage or not.

IF they say "I will," then there is a minister who appears out of nowhere and they are married right there, on the spot.


And we who are LGBTQ who want to get married, who take marriage seriously that we are doing all kinds of things to get married, cannot get married?

On this show there is no counseling, no other family members present, none of the discussions that go into marriages. It is simply "Slam bam thank you mam!?"


Again: why can't we get married? Weddings/marriages on this show are a sham.

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manxxman said...

Sounds like a Brittany reality show.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I was thinking of all those quickies-of-weddings that lasted minutes, hours, or a day or two, along with the babble of some of the "sanctity of marriage," and how marriage equality will hurt the quality of heterosexual marriage.

This show demonstrates that this claim is a lie. These shows demonstrate how easy it is to get married today among heterosexuals, showing that it takes little if any fore-thoughts.

And how many of these supposed marriages will hold up over time?



Carol said...

My boyfriend of the last year, was on Surprise Wedding 2. Needless to say that was a marriage made in HELL. It makes me sick everytime of think of what she did to him. He didn't want to humiliate her in front of 40 million viewers, and she tried to ruin his life. I agree, marriage is something not to be entered into lightly. I can't imagine having to trick someone into marrying me. Love should be the only deciding factor. IMHO.