Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Making of Me: John Barrowman

One favorite t.v. show in our household is "Torchwood," a BBC-TV/America show on Sat. night. Tonight there was a t.v. show on "The Making of Me: John Barrowman," where John goes on a search for, a) is he objectively gay, and b) if he is gay, what made him gay: nurture or nature?

It turns out that, a) John is objectively gay, and that b) he was born gay, given three possible determining variables in the womb that determine if a person is gay.

When told by some in the Church that we have "chosen" to live this "life-style," it is becoming clearer and clearer that we have been made as people, by God's design, who happen to be what the modern world calls gay. It is either in our DNA, part of who we were made to be within the womb, totally out of the realm of choice or options.

Ps. 139: "Knit in my mother's womb" says the Psalmist.

Fascinating show.

We are gay by God's own design.

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