Monday, March 9, 2009

Bob and Jack Reconsider Marriage!

Bob and Jack, of "Bob and Jack's 52 Year Adventure" spoke out and are re-considering marriage. Even though at first glance they chose not to get married, they are aware of the issue of benefits that are given by state to married couples denied to gay couples who are not married:

The only reason to marry at their age, the couple say, is to receive marriage benefits. Given another chance to say “I do,” they say they probably would, but history makes them hesitant.

“I suppose it’s because for so many, many, many years and centuries, men have not married men, and women have not married women,” Claunch said. “We’ve been brought up not having anything like that, not wanting anything like that ... and it is not easy to cross over that line.”

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Stu Maddux (director) said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Brett!

Stu Maddux, Director
Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Your movie of these two men was incredibly meaningful to us.
Peace, Brett