Friday, March 13, 2009

Health Care Benefits and the Federal Government: It Matters

Before I was denied tenure at Duke University because I'm gay, for a brief time, my partner was able to share some of my benefits that he did not get at UNC, namely dental insurance. I remember the voice of the Duke administrator of benefits who knew me as a married man, now halting as he asked if and who my partner was. Nonetheless, he qualified for the benefit.

It was one of the nicest perks I miss from Duke, along with financial remuneration for my children's college costs...sigh!

News from this morning regarding sharing benefits with same sex partners and the Federal government. Judges are saying that the Federal government has to allow partners the opportunity share benefits, but the Office of Personnel Management is saying "no" because of DOMA.

Here's the thing--and a good thing: Mr. Obama wants to over-turn DOMA! That's what has said in numerous speeches.

So if he overturns DOMA--along with Congressional approval--then Federal employees get benefits.

And if Federal employees get benefits for same sex partners, state governments will have to look seriously at such opportunities.

And then communities of faith are given examples.


Well, at least an example.

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