Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vermont's Governor: A New Hurdle

Gov. Douglas (R) of VT is now threatening to veto the bill that permits marriage for LGBTQ people in VT. Even though he could've said something earlier, before it went before the Senate and House for a vote (still waiting for the House but looking like a super majority passage), he waited until now.


He is saying that the state should focus on the economy.

But by vetoing the bill, the legislature will focus on this threat of a veto by continuing the debate, overriding (hopefully) the veto.

Towleroad gets the tip on this.

Click here.

What others are saying about the Gov. action? He was being pressured by the Republican party.




manxxman said...

What Republicans pressuring someone on Gay issues......whoda thunk.

Just another hurdle.....but don't they know that we are "light in the loafers" so we can jump that much higher......

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

We wear Keds!