Friday, March 13, 2009

As Goes Maine

Reading on, that took me to Portland Press Herald, Maine had 60 legislators that wanted to co-sponsor a bill making Maine another state where gay marriage can take place!

What gives?

Coming from Portland, OR, there is a sense of "live and let live." There is a gung-ho pioneer spirit.

Is this the same with Maine? If you're gay or straight, marry if you want?

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manxxman said...

You have several interesting posts and I'm enjoy the lot. It would appear that we "gays" are everywhere. Do you think the Christian right view us as a plague of locusts?

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I've gotten on all these sites, from towleroad,,,,,, etc., and it--we--are all over the place. There is a noticeable shift in the country.

And that other post about the bracelet? That was meant for the School of the Pilgrim blog, but some LGBT folks who are pilgrims found a cross-over I didn't anticipate! Cool! (or as my son taught me...Woooorrrddd!)