Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WA State, Iowa, MN...Making Us Couples Legal

The legalization of our coupled-relationships continue to spread: WA state is joining others states with legal domestic partnership, and Iowa is taking up gender-neutral language to marriage, while MN is also going full speed ahead, despite a certain openly gay representative who does not understand that justice delayed IS justice denied.

Click here for WA;

Click here for Iowa;

Click here for MN.

Why is this good news? Because those of us who are in long term relationships are treated as second class citizens with none of the protections that couples get, yet we pay the same taxes that support straight married couples. Taxation and representation and benefits? Why not?

Not only that, but marriage or domestic partnership does not mean that we "fit" or use the exact same paradigm of gender-specific roles. We bring in a shot of energetic imagination as we re-configure what it means to be a couple family, with or without children.

Good morning, America!



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