Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sam Adams: My Hometown Portland (OR) Voted in a Mayor Who Happens to be Gay

Yeah for my hometown Portland, OR, who voted in Sam Adams to be mayor. Portland is one of the top 40 largest cities in the country, and this election is very important in terms of being a role model for other LGBT folks. Click here for more.

Like my current "home town" of Carrboro, NC, who voted in Mike Nelson, who is openly gay and now an Orange County Commissioner (NC), and Chapel Hill, which has an openly gay Town Councilman, Mark Kleinschmidt, the second one after Joe Hertzerberger, having openly gay elected representation is a good thing. Policies and laws change for the better for not only LGBT, but other minorities when those who consider themselves a minority are elected officials.

This calls for celebration! Ice Cream anyone?



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