Wednesday, May 14, 2008

California Dreamin'? Will the Supreme Court of California Support Legal Marriage of Gays and Straights?

All the bloggers and website writers are holding their breath for tomorrow's decision by the State Supreme Court of California, in which a ruling is to be aired tomorrow at 10 A.M., Pacific coast time. Will the Court say that LGBT people should have the right to marry, as do straight people?

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What does this mean for us? Having purchased the house we were renting for the last twenty-two months, what this means is as follows:
* Not having to ask a lawyer to write up separate drafts of documents, putting them in lock-boxes, securing rights of home ownership that married couples get gratis with marriage;
* Being able to be the "kin folk" when our partners are in the hospital without having to show papers;
* Being able to file jointly and get the same tax advantages--and disadvantages--as married couples, at least in the state tax systems;
* Providing our children (if we have them) a sense of security in who and what we are;
* Providing ourselves some security in knowing who and what we are in relationship with each other (it helps during family therapy!)...

And the list goes on!

Is this California dreaming?

Peace, Brett

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