Thursday, May 8, 2008

For LGBT Couples in Michigan and NC, "Till Death Do Us Part" Not Part of Our Laws of the Land

We are not alone as a state when it comes to denying people the right to share our benefits and coverage when it comes to sharing health care benefits--like straight couples--let alone insurance. Click here for a story from Michigan, in which LGBT couples cannot share health care insurance if one of the partners work for the state, while heterosexuals can share their coverage with each other. Nod to for this essay.

In NC, I found that I needed to have another document signed in order that Dean would be covered in case our house was destroyed when it comes to home owner's insurance. This was a first: we had to have legal papers to secure the right that either Dean or I shared responsibility were our home damaged. However, if we were married heterosexuals this would never have been an issue.

It is discrimination in black and white "and read all over."

It is time to change.

Peace...and charged for change...Brett

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