Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gay Rights Rally, Cuban Style!

There was a rally in Havana, Cuba that was reported in the back pages of Raleigh's "News and Observer." The article pointed to the largest anti-homophobic rally in Cuban history, organized by Mariela Castro, Fidel Castro's niece, and Raul Castro's daughter. They celebrated International Day against Homophobia, including watching the movie, "Brokeback Mountain." There was the acknowledgment that homophobia is an ongoing problem on that island, in which, given the Catholic and "machismo" culture of Cuba, homophobia has been a constant problem.

A point of reflection: here in the state of NC we had to work hard on anti-bullying laws in our schools, but could not imagine having an entire day focused on the infection of homophobia in our culture. Homophobia in the state of NC is part of the very texture of the state's culture, its ethos, both public and in the areas like communities of faith.

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James Green said...

As a 25 yo medical student, I can still see the traditions of homophobia in not only the "old guard" of doctors but sadly even a minority of my student peers. I'm an out gay man and try to educate others when the opportunity presents itself. My proudest achievement this year was to promote my student peers to wear rainbow and HRC pins on their white coats. I hope the small icons remind both non-heterosexual as well as heterosexual patients they see that there is appreciation for the unique health concerns of GLBT patients.