Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ripples in the Pond: How California Supremes Influence North Carolinians

In an article in the Raleigh "News and Observer," guest columnist Steven Petrow--and Chapel Hill neighbor--wrote "In NC, Dare We Hope?" in which he focuses on the recent decision by the California Supreme Court's decision in letting those of us who are in same-sex relationships, um, wed each other, entering into the bonds of marriage. Ian Palmquist, of NC Equality, thought that the decision would jump-start discussion of legalizing same-sex unions throughout the country, including states like NC. Of course, the down-side, or the fight before us is this: there are those in this country who will also be stimulated to be sure we who are LGBT and in relationship do not have the opportunity or option of being in a legalized marriage, or in the state of NC, a civil union or domestic partnership arrangement (oh, this language!). Click here for the article.

Having worked with people with disabilities as an advocate for over three decades (yes, I'm dating myself), I know that there will be many "battles" (what else can you call this long siege of discrimination?) as we fight (literally and figuratively) for our rights as LGBT people in all arenas of this country, both in the private arenas like communities of faith, but also in public forums, such as the laws of the land. Yes, the Rove-Bush machine will be busy putting constitutional amendments in various states, trying, again, to use "gay marriage" as a wedge issue to drive up the number of Republicans who will vote. But there are many of us--Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents--who are saying "enough is enough."

And fight we must.

It is time to change, for all of us.

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