Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Kiss! On "Brothers and Sisters", Actors Luke and Matthew Celebrate Domestic, Um, Commitment, Um, Civil, Um...

Well, whatever you call it in a place like California, the actors Matthew Rhys and Luke McFarlane did more than kiss on t.v. tonight: they went all the a commitment ceremony. The "Brothers and Sisters" family was there for "Kevin and Scotty." While "Scotty's" parents did not attend, "Kevin's" family were all there in their wide-act of dysfunctional glory and gore. Heck, the show ended up with more cliff-hanging than any family on earth deserves or wants, thanks to the highly noted promiscuous behaviors of the straight patriarch of the family...and have I mentioned the promiscuous behavior of the rest of the straight characters on this show?! What a wonderful nighttime soap opera.

As a man who is in a 13 year long term commitment with another man, in a state that does not legally recognize us as a couple, what fun to see a ceremony like this on television. There is nothing "normal" about it, because we are not normally filmed or televised being in a commitment ceremony. As other bloggers have noted, "Kevin's" character has gotten more sex than "Will Truman" ever did on "Will and Grace."

The character that Calista Flockhart plays said it best: "Sometimes we have to go beyond what 'was' in order to get to something new and different and beautiful that we never considered, well, possible before."

For those of you who read this site and hate us or are scared of us because we claim without apology to be the people that God created us to be a lesbian, bisexual, transgender or gay people, knowing fully well who and whose we are, there is an important lesson to be learned in all of this: love between two people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender, will always win over fear and hate. As God said and says: "Behold, I am doing a new thing!"

A toast to ABC-TV, "Kevin and Scotty," and all of us as a country who have an investment not only in straight unions like Jenna Bush and her beau Henry Hager getting married in Crawford, TX this past weekend, but for all of us discovering relationships that give life and are embraced by love, gay, straight, transgender, and bisexual people alike...and however they define their commitment to one another!


Peace, Brett

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Clau said...

I'm writing from Portugal (Europe in case you don't flash see it..), and yesterday evening I watched the last episode from 2nd season. I was a huge Kev/Scott suporter and in the previous ep. I started crying with the beautiful propose Kev made. I have no idea of how thigs work in the US but I'm sure that these kind of relationships are much better that the so called normals. The show made a lot more that othets directed for certain types of people and being myself bi, I couldn't stand to watch Sex and the City. I quite hated actually. So.. whatever happens to you in your life, try to be as happy as possible. Huge hug, Claudia