Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Very Rev. Gene Robinson Speaks Out!

On www.towleroad.com this morning, there was a snippet of a longer London Times interview with Gene Robinson, based on the writings in this new book, From the Eye of the Storm (published in the States by Seabury Press, but Canterbury Press in the U.K.).

One place that Gene Robinson and I agree on (and there are many places, comments and ideas that we agree upon) is the notion that we, who are LGBTQ, are facing some of the same prejudicial attitudes that faced and face others in the Church, much of it coming out of the sinful structure of the Church itself (which, given that we are human means we will fall far short of the glory of God.):

"Jesus never says anything about homosexuality," he says, the light tone in his nasal voice suddenly darkening, "but he says a lot about treating every person with dignity and respect. All the biblical appeals for a particular attitude to homosexuality can never quote Jesus."

What, though, of Old Testament condemnations of "men who lay with men"?

"The Church isn't the same yesterday, today and tomorrow," he says.

"Only God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Church has always been changing. The Holy Spirit is leading us into truth. And I believe we have learnt that about people of colour, about women, about those who are disabled and now about lesbian and gay people."

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Peace, Brett

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