Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gay Couple Adopting a Child in Israel! Oh, if only this were the case in NC, U.S.A.!

In Israel, a couple has been allowed to adopt a child! This is exciting, especially living in the state of North Carolina, in which we don't have this possibility.


There is a case in Durham, NC, where a gay couple was granted the right to adopt a child as a couple, as ordered by a judge.

There are days that you have to say: "I thought we were further along in this country than we are. Why is it wrong for a couple to adopt a child, and be co-parents? Why is it that only an individual can adopt a child that a couple will share responsibility for in this state? Why?"

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Jaime said...

According to the Bible men being with men and women being with women is a perverted act. I do believe that children should be raised by two parents but it should not be two parents of the same gender. If NC does not allow this then GOOD FOR THEM!!! They are right in believing that children should be brought up in a traditional home.