Saturday, April 12, 2008

Giovanni's Room, Philadelphia, PA!

Today was a beautiful introduction into the next part of the pilgrim path of this book tour of On Being a Gay Parent. Ed, owner of Giovanni's Room, gave me a sense of the history of Giovanni's Room, one of the oldest and still running LGBT bookstores in the nation. It was an amazing store: I stood and listened to conversations among the many lesbians, gay, bisexual and trans folks coming into the bookstore. As Ed said, "this is a bookstore in which the windows are clear and wide open," unlike other gay and lesbian bookstores in which they are in small buildings, sometimes cinder block, and there are no windows, neither letting the sunshine in or the pride of being who we are out.

Ed and I struck up a conversation at the "anointed" time at 5:30, and some folks came and stood and listened to the conversation going on. Soon, friends like David Wall from Princeton, NJ, and Brian came and joined the conversation. What a great talk with had among ourselves.

It is 10:21: the train to NYC and the next leg of this pilgrimage is about to being.

More to come!



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