Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Stop! In the Name of Love, Before You Break My Heart..." and the Church

When I was growing up and acting oh-so-gay-and-karaoke-singing in Denny's, two friends and I would love to sing "Stop! In the name of love," thanks to the Supremes! We had hips moving, hand gestures, and heads-bopping, dancing in the aisles of Denny's restaurant in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Sadly, I remember those words nowadays when contemplating marrying couples and reading this story from BBC-News about a Unitarian Church in England (Newington Green Unitarian Church in Islington, England), in which all weddings are no longer allowed until everyone can wed, gay and straight alike. This Unitarian Church has said "Stop! In the name of Love!" for many of our hearts are broken because so many churches, synagogues, etc., do not allow us the sacred spaces to be wed.

This is a theological and polity issue: the church/Church will have to come up with a theological justification/rationale or basis for helping us all understand--in good times and bad--the union of two people becoming one, whether these "two people" are a woman and man, or two men, or two women. As a minister of the Word and sacrament, this will help in reading and stating the declaration of marriage at the beginning of a wedding worship service.

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