Friday, April 18, 2008

A Lesbian Couple Declared a Defacto Family

There was this tidbit from "The Irish Times," on, regarding a lesbian couple who have a child, in which all the rights and privileges are extended to the couple with the child, with no rights to the man whose sperm helped create the child. In other words, the gay father who donated the sperm has no rights or privileges of guardianship or access rights of seeing or knowing the child. The child is the "exclusive property," shall we say, of the lesbian couple.

Said the judge: "Mr Justice Hedigan said there was nothing in Irish law to suggest that a family of two women and a child "has any lesser right to be recognised as a de facto family than a family composed of a man and a woman unmarried to each other". Click here for more.

As I've said on many occasions, we who are LGBT parents are pushing the envelope of what it means to be "family" in this modern/post-modern world.



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