Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Study Shows Young Gays and Lesbians Want Children!? Really?!

In an article found on, it appears that more gays and lesbians are desirous of being in a partnered relationship after the age of 30 (so young!), and also desire to be dads and moms (still so young!?).

"The study questioned about 133 gay New York City youths on various topics, including long-term relationships, family, and adoption. Researchers found that "more than 90% of females and more than 80% of males expect to be partnered in a monogamous relationship after age 30." About 67% of males and 55% of females expressed the desire to raise children. In terms of adoption, 42% of males and 32% of females said they were likely to adopt children.

"We seem to be witnessing the mainstreaming of lesbian/gay youth, with many of them wanting exactly what heterosexual youth have always wanted -- the whole American dream complete with kids and the minivan," Robert-Jay Green of the Rockway Institute said in a statement. "Most agree that the primary issue is whether these youth will be given the equal legal rights to realize their couple and family aspirations just like their heterosexual peers."

While the majority of our friends who are LGBT are partnered but without children, and the majority are in their 40s and 50s, the number of LGBT folks who desire children is fascinating. While we are the "dual incomes with kids" (DIWKS), we realize that we are surrounded by dual income no kids (DINKS), as they go jetting off on weekends at a moment's notice.

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But as I've said in my book and in talks, being a parent is a calling. And I have been called to be a parent.

So are more LGBT folks answering the "call" to be parents?

Times...they are a' changin'...

Pace, Brett

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